Video Focus

Why and How we use Storyboards.

Storyboards haven’t been an essential part of corporate video for years now, the main reason being that as we become more familiar with online video we have more accurate expectation of what we’ll receive when we hire a video company. We have key messaging that we get in through talking heads and we expect several […]

Sausage Factory Videos

So you’re watching back a series of promotional videos from your events and you notice there seems to be a formula. You don’t need to be a videographer to know that working to templates is easier than redesigning from scratch every time. So how do you avoid the sausage factory promo? Very often editors work […]

The Auteur Videographer

In these times of Austerity the Auteur is making a comeback, but how and why? Thought TV’s ethos, as a start up, is the more foot loose we are, the fewer people involved in delivering your ideas, the cheaper we can be and therefor the more competitive. This now has a very practical benefit in […]

Video production workflows: Keeping ahead of the game

Although on the surface video has gone HD, online and 3D what are the hands on differences between todays workflow and the workflow at the turn of the millennium and how does this impact our clients.  THE OLD WAY At the turn of the millennium the first ever HD broadcasts were being made on national […]

Sustainability:Video Efficiency

Video is a product,  it comes in the form of a raw material and  as a polished product to  take to market. But unlike other products the raw material can be reused in multiple polished products. Also like any other product there is a significant amount of wasted material, and even polished material can be made in […]