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Online video platforms in China

Online video platforms in China

Written by
John Lawrence
Director at Thought TV

Recently China’s number 1 video platform and Internet TV channel announced the purchase of the country’s 2nd largest video site. Both sites provide licensed content, UGC videos and in-house produced videos. As Youtube is not officially accessible within the Great Firewall of China the sites attract the majority of the 316m online video users. has approx. 200m unique users per month and is the 3rd most popular site in China. Most of the content is long form films from 1,500 distributors but growing is the UGC content. The recent solar eclipse saw 10,000 videos uploaded from across the provinces in China.

There are huge barriers to entry for video platform providers in China. So many licenses and certificates are required to operate and distribute content that it makes it very hard for new players to enter the market.

So what’s the opportunity here for content providers and marketing agencies? Well the potential audience is staggering and for agencies developing campaigns need to understand the process of submitting and distributing using these sites so mainland China can access them.  However there is a massive caveat to content providers, these sites do not recognise rights issues… full feature films, TV shows are often distributed without clearance from the producers of the content.

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