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Digital Assets Management for Publishers: Money Pit or Gold Mine?

Digital Assets Management for Publishers: Money Pit or Gold Mine?

Written by
John Lawrence
Director at Thought TV

Publishers like the Financial Times and Guardian Media Group are creating a lot of multi media content.  This is in the form of audio podcasts, repurposed news from feeds like Reuters and AP, video content from journalists, interviews, event content etc.

All this content provides their online offering with multi media content to compliment the online text and printed publishing products. What’s interesting is what do you do with all this content once its been captured and produced.  We’re talking about the different layers of media content here, from the online compressed edited asset to the rushes and source content shot in studios or in the field.  Huge amounts of content builds up that needs managing.

But why? Well good question.  Publishers could just get rid of content every 6mths but there are often needs for retrieving content from old stories that become newsworthy again or key events that often have context in future news.  Also from a compliance prospective it is needed if any future legal disputes happen about how interviews or stories have been edited.

There is also another interesting opportunity here.  If the publisher owns the rights to this content then it could be licensed to the International media community looking for archive footage of key events and content.

But how do you manage this and get the organisation understanding the challenge.  Well often more and more money is put into storage to host this content, which from the CIO’s prospective seem like a money pit.  Also how is this content being referenced and retrieved?

Is there a archive management system in place? Does this detail exactly what the asset is in enough depth? Also what format are the files? Are they easily accessible through one platform? Or do they need converting.  It is a potential mindfield and I think there is an interesting opportunity for companies to create a cloud based solution to manage this content within a database that provides an easy interface to view content.

Given that the big publishers are now finding this issue important to address in their IT strategy it wont be long before other content providers will find they will need a solution so act now if you’re generating digital content.  Start small and have a policy of what format, information, and length of time you want to store content.  It could get costly….

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