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Monetising Content Series: Pay to Play

Written by
John Lawrence
Director at Thought TV

Covering your thought leadership content with video provides you with the option to engage people after the physical event has concluded. This adds value to the physical delegates experience and also allows the possibility of new online delegates. Great! However, unfortunately video isn’t a free solution. How can we generate ROI on the cost of covering your event with video?

Providing ideas and their faculty is one thing but at Thought TV we treat your ROI as our key objective when supplying you with web video solutions. It is integral to us that together we understand and fulfill those channels of revenue and provide content with opportunities.


The Pay to play model prioritises charging the attendees of an event. For their ticket price delegates get the chance to gain insights from thought leaders in their industry and also to network with other delegates.


To the physical delegate the opportunity to watch video content on demand is an added benefit, which allows them to recap on keynotes they found interesting, watch the sessions they missed, and generally reference the content from the event with more accuracy. Essentially, in the case of physical attendance to an event the creation of on demand content is often an added benefit to the ticket price.


Creating video on demand creates the opportunity to generate new revenue from the on demand content. People can buy access to content or alternatively the content can be used to capture data about the delegate.

Thought TV create micro sites which can have three layers of access, meaning there is some general free content, there is some content which is placed behind a data capture wall and then finally there is the full array of content place behind a pay wall.

These are some of the ways content can be turned into a ‘pay for’ model.  To learn how online video can be leveraged for sponsorship click here.

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