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Monetising Content Series: Event Sponsorship

Written by
John Lawrence
Director at Thought TV

Covering your thought leadership content with video provides you with the option to engage people after the physical event has concluded. This adds value to the physical delegates experience and also allows the possibility of new online delegates. Great! However, unfortunately video isn’t a free solution. How can we generate ROI on the cost of covering your event with video?

Providing ideas and their faculty is one thing but at Thought TV we treat your ROI as our key objective when supplying you with web video solutions. It is integral to us that together we understand and fulfill those channels of revenue and provide content with opportunities.


Conferences and Live events rely on sponsorship. It is through sponsorship that the majority of conferences happen. They pay for the event to happen and are rewarded with the opportunity of being showcased in front of the events delegates. When you add on demand content to an event you increase that audience to a potential online audience.

Branded Microsites

Sponsors can have the added benefit of being profiled within the online event microsite or alternatively the event on demand can be sponsored as a completely separate entity. Marrying content to advertising has always been an important method for getting content funded.

Branding can be placed prominently on the website or within the video itself but either way creating some content that people can engage with after the event is valuable proposition for a sponsor.

Thought TV think that it is important for sponsors to be profiled appropriately so we suggest shooting some high end interviews with sponsors on site at events and placing these as free videos within the landing page of the event.

Exhibitor videos

Exhibitors at events should be offered the opportunity to deliver their insights in the industry. Interviews can be captured on site at an event and potentially included within the microsite on demand offering to give your exhibitors further exposure, or alternatively they can be sold back to the exhibitors for them to include in their marketing mix.

These are some of the ways new opportunities can be created by leveraging online video, not only does this montise your content and increase the revenue from your clients it further embeds your offering into the sponsors marketing plan.

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