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Why and How we use Storyboards.

Why and How we use Storyboards.

Written by
Ollie Graham
Director at Thought TV.

Storyboards haven’t been an essential part of corporate video for years now, the main reason being that as we become more familiar with online video we have more accurate expectation of what we’ll receive when we hire a video company. We have key messaging that we get in through talking heads and we expect several shots ove the top of this that illustrate the point, “say jam, show jam” as the saying goes. So Why do we, at Thought TV, still believe that storyboards should be an important part of the process?

The one thing that is clear about storyboards is that they are highly visible, often colourful and to an extent represent the next best thing to seeing the video itself. They help marketing managers sell video as a concept to the company, they help CEO’s think about what is being shown of their company, they highlight the need for the right locations in the video and they help the marketing team address the potential graphical requirements they will have down the line. more importantly than this though, for us, they allow us to communicate slightly more complex ideas such as unique camera movements or graphical overlays which will be unique to their corporate video.

We advocate story boards not only to illustrate what well do but we often use them at the pitch stage to show potential clients what they may expect from working with us. Storyboarding is becoming increasingly more easy with tablet computers. Within 15 minutes we can generate a nice style guides or communicate complex ideas. We see storyboards as important skills set within our company, a unique value add for our clients.

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