Thought TV are priced competitively because we can afford to be priced competitively. We are of the strong opinion that our project managers should come with a camera and design skills or with an overview of how to implement our services into your offering. This means you only pay for our services not our management.

Below is a guide to our pricing for video coverage, promotional video, live streaming and publishing content to the web.


Event coverage from £500 a day

This includes crew, equipment expenses and project management.


Promotional videos from £850

This includes shooting and editing as well as all the crew and the neccassary equipment.


Event streaming from £1500 a day

This includes all of the above plus streaming kit and team.


Creating an on demand video site from £500

We create a range of on demand microsites with various access controls and CMS capabilities.


Complete event coverage, editing and publishing to a microsite from £1500

This includes delivery of branded video content, a promotional video plus an event microsite.


Obviously we offer a much wider range of products from the basic to the more sophisticated. The above list is just a rough guide to the cost of creating video and web products. To discuss your video needs please get in contact with us and we will find a quote that matches you’re budget and requirements.