Web Publishing

Web Publishing
So you're all set to capture or stream your live event... now what?

Where are you pushing this content? Single, multiple web platform? Through your site or Facebook/twitter? Is this paid for or free? How are you managing that??

Thought TV will plan your distribution for your video content. Using our experience working with most of the webinar and video platforms we can stream live on twitter, Facebook or build a bespoke on demand site optimised for sponsorship and online engagement.

Video on demand can create a huge amount of engagement after an event giving your content a second life. Positioning content is integral to driving engagement from your content and this is why Thought TV have worked hard to build publishing into our services, so we can provide the correct solution for you.

Hear how we streamed live via twitter for Three mobile or how we turned Marketforce from a conference company to a Video Content channel.

Lets look at what’s possible and where you want your content to be seen, by who and through which revenue model.

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